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Brief: The canon that had stood on the hill overlooking the estate had long since gone beyond repair and we were commissioned to put it back to its former glory.  All that was really left was the cast iron barrel and carriage but all of the wood work was beyond reasonable repair. 

 Response: Once the canon was recovered to our workshop we undertook the job of templating the shapes as well as studying any archive photos of the canon to try and piece together the parts that made up the shapes and forms.  We specified a local supplier for the air dried oak that was felled within 5 miles of the estate for the construction materials and where possible used original fixings, any that where not fit for purpose where replicated again by a local blacksmith.

Achievement: The canon now takes pride of place on the hill overlooking  the estate and will do hopefully for the next 100 years or so.  Who knows we may get the commission next time round!!!



PROJECT 3: Cannon

Client: Sir Rupert Shuckburgh, 14th Baronet.

Location: Shuckburgh Hall, Lower Shuckburgh, Nr Daventry.

Brief: To design and build a showcase cannon.